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    Hi Douglas,
    Thanks for article.

    Can i add smth?
    CDN: I’m using cloidflare CDN – it’s free and fast. I would really appreciate if you could indicate which one do you recommend.
    Hosting – i’m using digitalocean – really good hosting, but you need to know what is it console and how to work with it. In that case you’ll have good results.
    XML sitemap – yeah! it’s very important stuff. I can’t understand people who skip it. You can have bad interlinking, but if your XML sitemap is OK – You are on top.
    What about canonical tags? Do you use it? if the page noindex, like tags pages, do you recommend to use canonical tags?

    Thanks a lot.

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      Hi Kottok, we absolutely recommend canonical tags. I believe WordPress now supports them as part of the platform, so I don’t typically do anything special. I run Yoast’s SEO plugins and can modify them if needed.

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