How NOT To Make New Year’s Resolutions at Work

The new year is two days away. Every year, nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but most don’t keep them. We use the start of a fresh calendar to try to inspire dramatic change, but it doesn’t always work. That’s why talking about How NOT To Make New Year’s Resolutions is the first event of the year long 2010 Productivity Series hosted by Slaughter Development. (Keep reading for a special discount!) There is a better way to set and meet goals, especially with regard to how you use marketing technology to promote your business and your brand.
Happy New Year

The Three Types of Objectives

A key reason why we fail to keep our New Year’s Resolutions is because they are made up of the wrong type of objective. Consider the following major categories of goals:

  • Vague Goals – If your new year’s resolution is to “Get into shape” or “Grow your business”, you’re probably not going to succeed. That might sound good on paper but how will you know if you are making progress? How will you know when you’ve achieved that goal?
  • Result Goals – Often our new year’s resolutions are based on outcomes. For example, you might resolve to “lose twenty pounds” or “increase sales by 25%.” These are better than vague goals because they can be measured, but often are influenced by circumstances that are out of our control. Goal setting should be more about work than results.
  • Process Goals – These are the best kinds of objectives because they characterize what you want to do. They are dependent more on effort than they are on random chance. Consider the resolution to “work out four times a week” or “reach out to three new prospects each day.” These dreams can be made a reality through hard work. You don’t need your metabolism or the market to cooperate.

Goalsetting with Marketing and Technology

Here are some terrible ways to set goals for your marketing and technology use next year. Don’t make these your resolutions:

  • Increase newsletter open rate by 10%
  • Double my RSS followers
  • Develop a more compelling advertising campaign for flagship products
  • Optimize my use of WordPress plugins

These goals are either vague or too results-oriented. Instead, try changing them into these versions, which focus on the process you will use in the future:

  • Do an A/B test to try out a new newsletter design
  • Improve metrics on analyzing RSS readers
  • Try crowdsourcing a new ad
  • Reserve time to judiciously review my current WordPress plugins

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