What Will the Internet Look Like in the Next Century?

internet 2120

To think that my children are growing up in an age where the Internet was always here is quite amazing. The fact that we’ve moved from simple dial-up to having dozens of devices in our homes that are connected, recording, and helping us navigate daily is incredible. Thinking 100 years from now is well-beyond my vision. With the explosion of mobile and our devices getting more and more powerful, I can only guess that displays will be everywhere and our mobile devices will be all we have aside from the cloud.

No doubt everything will be connected and optimized. Our refrigerators will automatically toss our food and get everything delivered, by recipe, for our planned meals. Our cars will be driving themselves. I can only imagine some of us will even have volunteered to be wired full times – perhaps with devices implanted for recording our visual and audio as needed. We’ll have some kind of projection device to bring up our applications or messaging wherever we are – with audio and video streaming without issue. Perhaps fold-up or rolled-up displays will be in our backpacks.

I suppose we’ll also have the bad, too. A black Internet that’s the very scariest of anonymous humanity waiting to provide you anything you need at the literal blink of an eye. Ok… I don’t want to think about this anymore.


What do you think?

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