WordPress NiceAdmin Plugin Version 1.0.0 Released

After a year of looking at the WordPress administrative user interface, I was really growing weary of it. Alpesh saw a comment of mine on another blog and graciously sent me a WordPress admin plugin that another developer had worked on. I modified the plugin utilizing graphics from the WordPress website and build a new admin stylesheet. Here’s a screenshot:

NiceAdmin Screen

It doesn’t change the usability or functionality of WordPress whatsoever, it just makes it a little easier to look at! Hope you like it!

Special thanks goes out to Sean over at Geek With Laptop. Sean’s got a keen eye for cross-browser CSS so I enlisted his help to fine-tune the styles before releasing it. Thanks, Sean!

Download the WordPress Plugin from the Project Page

For all you folks with WordPress blogs, I’d really appreciate you getting the word out on this and my other Projects. As always, if your trackback is listed, I have nofollow turned off so you’ll get credit for the link! Thanks!