Nielsen Comparing Apples to Oranges, Podcasting to Blogging

Apples to Oranges

As with my entry previous on the ‘tubes’ filling up on the internet, it always surprises me when folks who claim to be experts stand up and say something really stupid. Nielsen recently released a comparison of Podcast users to Blogging. This is a very bizarre comparison. Podcast users are consumers, and bloggers are suppliers. How in the world do they relate? Because both use the internet? Another example of how mainstream media doesn’t have a clue…

On a similar note, got a mention on Seth’s blog after a discussion of the ABC’s (Audit Bureau of Circulation) ever-evolving rules that make it possible for newspapers to get better numbers while circulations continue to decline.


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    I think a point of clarification is needed regarding your apples-to-oranges comment. Yes, while listeners to podcasts are consumers, and writers of blogs are producers, is it not also true that the creators of podcasts are producers? If this logic is valid (and I certainly think it is) then A Nielsen comparison based on different kinds of producers, or different kinds of consumers seems appropriate. I concede that I’ve not seen the Nielsen research to which you made reference, but I suspect their comparison was not as disconnected as you suggest. Yes, the mainstream media often do not get it when it comes to Web-delivered content, but I think in this instance your criticism is overly harsh.

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      Hi Neal,

      There’s a link to the Nielsen article in the post. Here’s an excerpt: “More people have downloaded a podcast lately than have published a blog or engage in online dating, according to a new study by Nielsen//NetRatings.”

      I stand by the apples to oranges… it’s quite a useless comparison. I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting, though! I’m sure you’ll find a ton more terrible comparisons on my site than Nielsen. 🙂

      Warmest Regards,

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