No Parking

There’s nothing like getting to work and going to the garage you PAY for and there’s no parking left! There was a conference downtown today so the garage messed up and sold all the spots. So all the regular PAYING customers had to either pay at another garage or squeeze in somewhere.

I chose to be a little creative with my parking job – I parked directly in front of the 6th floor doorway! If I get towed I’m really going to blow my lid. I wanted to get in early this morning to do a product review and spent 30 minutes trying to park! My co-worker and friend Emily thought it was so funny that she took a shot with her camera phone:

No Parking

It’s pretty bad customer service to mess with your paying customers in lieu of one-timers!

UPDATE: I wasn’t towed, but someone left me a nice note on my windshield that I got a chuckle out of, “THIS IS NOT A PARKING SPOT, STUPID!


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    Traffic was horrible this morning. I ended up hopping out of the car a few blocks from work just so my wife could make an early morning meeting. My parking garage loves to sell itself out to whatever conference is in town. Like you, I’ve never understood why parking garages tend to ignore their regular customers over 1-time-customers.

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    The reason why they do it is simple. Like most abusive relationships the regular customers keep on coming back.

    Things like this unfortunately happen all the time, some restaurants give priority to delivery/pickup versus their in house customers (I once had a 2 hour wait because of this).

    As a customer the only thing we can do is vote with our feet, and be very vocal about it. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    The sad thing about the parking garage situation is that they usually are the best option (price or location) so they have you over a barrel.

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