Nokia Advertising… Windows Phone Next

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Both Nokia and Microsoft have lost quite a bit of momentum in the United States mobile market, a market dominated by iPhone and Android. People shouldn't be counting out either organization just yet. First, Nokia dominates the international market (40%) with very heavy market share in Europe and Asia. Not only does Nokia perform well, their users are much more likely to click through on paid advertising.

From the Inneractive infographic: Germany sees a 98.9% fill rate on Nokia, a more than 2% CTR and over $2.5 eCPM. Those are numbers Apple developers can only dream of.

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This week, Nokia released their newest phones for Windows Phone. This may not seem like a big deal until you put a few things together… Nokia, Windows Phone, and Microsoft XBox 360. The phones are high-powered and exquisitely designed. XBox 360 has great market share in the gaming industry. And Windows still has incredible market share in Enterprise. These are three distinct and very profitable markets.

As the enterprise market adopts Windows Phone and Nokia supplies the hardware needed… we're going to see some fascinating changes in the market. Some more nice touches… these phones ship with Nokia's auto navigation, music service (over 14 million songs to date), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn integration as well as SkyDrive… Microsoft's cloud storage solution.

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