Not Getting Results with Your Blog? This Course Will Deliver the Results You Want

Blogging Success Course

Are you struggling to get results with your blog?

A blog can be a huge source of traffic and can help attract a large audience to your sales funnel.  But if you don’t know the process, techniques and tools for blogging, it can be a waste of time

We recently ran a joint webinar with the Marketing Tech Blog and shared a blogging course that is getting amazing results with our customers so we are sharing this with you.

The course is an online course which is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.  It consists of the following:

Course Outline

Here are details of the 10 main modules:

  1. Researching your competitors –  Analyze your competitors to understand what type of content will help you achieve better results.
  2. Keyword research –  How to research to find keywords that you can rank on within Google.
  3. Writing your blog post – How you write your blog post will have a big effect on how it is shared.
  4. Optimize your blog post – How to optimize your content for Google.
  5. Creating imagery and videos – Imagery and videos is becoming increasingly important.  We cover tools and tactics that will help.
  6. Getting your blog content shared – How to get your content shared across social media channels.
  7. Building relationships with bloggers – How to leverage technology to find relevant bloggers and build relationships with them.
  8. Promoting your content with social media – Practical tips on building a presence on social media.
  9. Converting your traffic – How to convert the traffic that arrives to your website as a result of your blog.
  10. Analyzing Results – How to use Google analytics to analyze results.

Business bloggers have made plenty of mistakes blogging over the years, but the community has kept working at it and figured out the best way to get results.  In less than 2 years we started generating over 100,000 unique and relevant visitors to our website with zero advertising budget.

Feedback on the course is fantastic and people are getting very positive results.


Course Offer

We would like to give you the opportunity of joining our community.  You can purchase this course for $499 which includes everything listed above.  There is a 30-day money back guarantee which you means there is no risk for you.

We would love to help you achieve success with blogging. Learn more about the course by clicking below.

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