You’re Not Sexy, Now What?

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We once had someone tell us that we, or rather our form building application, wasn’t “sexy”. In some respects I guess that person was right. Forms, by themselves are not sexy, but to the people who use them and depend on them to gather data, they are, if not sexy, pretty damn important.

So how do you, a business owner, marketer, etc, that has a product or service that isn’t “sexy” make it “sexy”? Here are a few ways.

Tell Your Customer’s Story: Chances are that you have some interesting companies using your service or product. Create case studies. Let customers guest post on your blog, do video interviews with them and post them on your social networks. Reach out to bloggers in your space with their story, their successes. By focusing on cool and innovative uses of your product you make it infinitely more exciting and open new avenues for people to talk and or write about you.

Open Up The Hood: Have a really interesting technology driving your business? Have you created a unique system to help operate your business? Chances are that your business has something unique that drives it (or you wouldn’t be successful). Highlight unique aspects of your business and give people a peek behind the curtain. Most likely this will be something that potential customers or members of the press will find interesting.

Let Your Customers Do Your Bidding: This is a little different than the first one. The beauty of social networks is that it allows your customers to talk about you. AtFormstack we monitor what people say about us on Twitter.  Instead of just keeping all those nice things to ourselves we created a Twall of Fame We printed and framed those positive tweets and put them in the hallway of our office. We  retweeted them and posted some of the tweets from the wall on our Facebook page and our blog. This got people talking about us again and enticed some of the people who wrote the original comments to re-post our tweets. It creates excitement about your brand and your product because it is coming from real users of your service. It gets your customers talking about you, telling their friends how “sexy” you are and why they like you.

Just because you don’t have the shiniest gadget or most popular social networking application on the internet does not mean your business isn’t exciting. Dig a little deeper than the surface and see what will get people talking. Chances are you won’t have to dig too deep.


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    I think 'Not Sexy' is somewhat a badge of honor here in Indiana. Many of the companies here make applications that aren't too sexy… but they work. They're secure, they scale, they do what the clients want them to do. Sexy is great when you're looking for a date, but this is business!

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    You can also leverage the excitement of someone who truly does see the "sexiness" of what you do. That might be a customer, employee, industry partner, or someone else entirely.

    I had a calculus teacher who was remarkably exicted about how mathematics worked. He would put up equations and diagrams on the chalkboard and practically bubble with joy at how beautiful it all was. He had the smile of a child on Christmas morning. If you were in the room with him you couldn't help but see some of the elegance in the relationships between the numbers. His enthusiasm was contagious. He made calculus sexy.

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    Clay good point and I agree. The excitement, passion, someone has for a product or company can definitely be leveraged. However, I am not sure I could ever see the sexiness in calculus!

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