Obama vs. McCain: Paid vs. Organic Search

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If there’s one thing that’s changed the landscape of the 2008 elections, it’s the use of the Internet. I was speaking to a local Republican leader here in Indiana a couple weeks ago and he fully admitted that the party needed to do some catching up.

SpyFu Keyword SmartSearch is a fantastic service for researching search engine statistics, both paid and organic. This week they launched SpyFu Kombat. The interface allows you to compare two competing sites and review where their overlapping keywords are as well as their distinct.

From the team at SpyFu:

If SpyFu shows how keywords play into a competitor’s campaign, then SpyFu Kombat shows how these competitors determine your next strategic move. By entering the websites into SpyFu Kombat, the results show each domain’s keyword list broken into exclusive words and words that are common to competitors. Your rivals? common list turns into low hanging fruit for building your own strategy.

We found that SEM/SEO professionals were bogged down with juggling competitors? keyword lists, or they just wanted something to eliminate their weak spots. SpyFu Kombat combines those actions into one. What you?ll get is an interactive graphic, determined by how the domains you select stack up against each other.

It’s an amazing technology and my tell the tale of Barack Obama’s incredible Internet following – as well as how John McCain is fighting back.

Organic Search Volume: Obama Beating McCain:

organic overlap barack mccain

Paid Search Volume: McCain Fighting Back:

ad overlap barack mccain

There’s quite a story here that’s not getting told by the mainstream media, it really needs to be! That technology can impact an election is pretty exciting!image 2260935 10686405


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    I was telling some friends today that I thought that Obamas use of the Internet was a major factor in his success, putting up informational sites (voteforchange dot com and taxcutfacts dot org) to twitter and other social media, he has found a way to embrace a whole generation and communicate with them in their preferred method.
    The future of campaigning is being laid out by the Obama-Biden camp, we will see more of this in the coming years.


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    What really blows my mind about spyfu is the sheer volume of information that they provide. Where are they getting their numbers?! I wouldn’t think that such comprehensive reports would be available due to confidentiality regulations.

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      Hi Eugene!

      There are advantages and disadvantages to PPC and Organic search strategies , but I’ve always thought that building a foundation of trust and a great following is the job of a blog and organic search.

      I say kill all the stupid polls, this may be a great way of predicting our future politicians!


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