Thinner than an iPhone?

flexible oled
3d illustration of a mobile phone with flexible screen isolated on white

Technology is still growing at a rapid, sometimes intimidating rate. It's difficult to recognize how this will change our lifestyles in the future. Take a look at this video on flexible OLED displays:

MicroSDImagine watching television on your sleeve, or perhaps seeing advertisements on the shopping cart handle… or even a video on the product itself. How about a how-to video on a disposable display that comes with the next device you purchase (if it doesn't have a display in it already!). Mind-boggling!

I recently purchased a 2Gb microSD card for my Razr and it's about the size of a dime. To think that I can store a full-length video on a chip this size, and display it on a screen that could fit in my sunglasses… Wow!

Hat tip to Our Technological Future where I found the video.


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    Yep, we pioneered this technology in the UK (not me personally). There was talk of making wallpaper out of this stuff so you could change you room colour or pattern at a whim. Or of course watch paint dry (a video of paint drying in fact).

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    Wow. That looks incredible! I’m a real sucker for gadgets and that thing really did capture my interest. Imagine being able to fold up your TV and fit it into your back pocket? How cool would that be? 😉


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    I’m all for convergance, don’t get me wrong but… We need real estate for these things. In other words, anything smaller than the aformentioned Iphone, and the vids will be rendered useless.

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