Path to Online Marketing Success

path online success

Reachlocal has put together this infographic on the path to online marketing success.

As a small business competing against retail giants during the holiday season, you may be tempted to play the “Who can shout louder?” game. Not only is this hard on a small business’ time and budget, but it could also potentially alienate the loyal customers you’ve worked so hard to get. So, what can you do this holiday season to market your small business and get heard in spite of larger competitors? Follow the path to success on our Small Business Saturday infographic and try these five tips to promote your local offers during Small Business Saturday and the holiday season.

Unfortunately, I think Reachlocal ended the infographic at a critical spot. Success doesn’t start when you convert a lead into a customer. The success of social media truly comes when you convert that customer into a fan! Communicating effectively with your lead and customer base is a must, and encouraging them to share their positive experience with your brand in the way of reviews, recommendations, and social sharing is when a company really sees the results they were looking for!

Small Business Saturday Infographic

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