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This morning, I had a fantastic time on the Open for Business radio show with Trey Pennington and Jay Handler, both accomplished speakers and consultants assisting businesses take it to the next level. The topic, of course, was Corporate Blogging!

During the show, Dan Waldschmidt asked some fantastic questions that I wanted to share since we couldn’t go into too much detail on the show:

  • Content is much more important than optimization. Agree? No? – Answer: Yes… but. The reason why I spend so much time with clients on optimization is to make sure that they fully leverage the content they are writing. Search optimization is important because it will ensure that the content will get found on search engines. Conversion optimization is important because it will provide a path for readers to move from reading a blog post to becoming a new customer. Great content will prevail and get you results; however, great optimization will attract and convert more visitors into customers.
  • What are the top 4-5 tips for bloggers? – Don’t start until you’re sure you are committed and will deliver. That means you have some blogging topics, you write consistently, and you do not stop. Don’t just regurgitate marketing material – answer the questions that your prospects and customers care about and are asking about. Check your sent folder for some great content ideas. Ensure that you have a path to engage deeper with your customer – this is typically a call to action in the sidebar that points in a landing page with contact information or a phone number to do business. Don’t leave your search optimization to chance – your platform, theme, and content all need to be optimized so search engines can index the content and you wind up in search results for the topics relevant to your business.
  • How about answering the questions that they afraid to ask? That’s real thought leadership… Yes, it is and it will drive authority. Too many people write their blogs with a voice that’s perfectly bland. Controversy and honesty will drive conversation and provide readers with a reality that you are both honest and open. That includes writing posts about your failures as much as your successes. We all want to work with real people and we know that we all struggle from time to time. Understanding how your company overcomes failure can drive a lot more prospects to your business. Honesty is refreshing and tough topics will drive authority!

Tune in to Open for Business each Saturday morning at 9AM EST. Thanks Trey and Jay!


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