How to Drive Business with Twitter and Promoted Tweets

Twitter now offers a variety of campaigns to build a following, drive traffic and conversions to your site, install applications, acquire leads, or promote specific tweets.

Promoted Tweets continue to pop up in my timeline on Twitter and in native Twitter applications. Your business should be leveraging Twitter’s best practices, but if you’re actually paying to promote a Tweet, there are specific things that you can do to improve the click-through rate of the promoted Tweets.

The interface for Promoted Tweets allows the user to describe their campaign, set the dates of the Tweet promotion, and select the audience you wish to target.

This infographic from Social Samosa provides specific optimization steps you can take when promoting Tweets to further the engagement. Shorter tweets tend to perform better and adding hashtags, mentions, links, photos and videos drive much more engagement. Simply adding an exclamation mark will increase your promoted Tweet engagement by 43%!


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5 Reasons to Stop Running Your Channel Incentive Program In-House

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