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A complaint that I've continued to loudly proclaim in our industry is how awful analytics is for the average company. Analytics is basically a data dump, query engine, with some nice graphs in between. The vast majority of companies pop in their analytics script and then have no idea what they're looking at or what actions they should take based on the data. Truth be told:

Analytics is a Question Engine… not an Answer Engine

As a small example, I assisted a client that was getting touched-up, automated reports from a legitimate agency that they paid thousands of dollars per month for. When I dug deep into the reports, I noticed that the reports were never filtered to the geographic region of the business – where they were constrained.

So, imagine half your visitors landing and reading your website that you'd never do business with… skewing your bounce and engagement rates… and motivating you to make design and content decisions that were costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once we filtered their data, virtually every metric was dramatically changed – enabling us to improve their digital marketing efforts significantly.

As you think about the journey of visitors, prospects, and customers through your site… what's the opportunity cost in not understanding analytics and making actionable changes based on the behavior of actual prospects visiting?

While I'm a huge geek and love Google Analytics, I believe they've done a disservice to our industry by making a free tool. Many businesses scoff at the idea of paying for analytics… despite losing millions of dollars by not being able to fully leverage it! Enter Oribi!

There's another limitation of Google Analytics that we don't often speak of… and that's that Google and Social Media platforms do not play well together. In fact, quite the opposite, they refuse to pass data between each other. As a result, trying to pinpoint the impact of social media and attribute your outreach and social promotion to conversions is incredibly difficult.

Oribi: A Marketing Analytics Answer Engine!

Oribi offers an amazing solution with codeless event tracking, actionable insights, smart funnels, event correlations, single visitor journeys, custom reports, full marketing attribution, channel performance analysis, and much more.

With Oribi, marketers don't have to spend time filtering and scouring analytics, they're able to:

  • Increase their conversions.
  • Build funnels, track visitor behavior, analyze conversions, and more with no coding required.
  • Generate gorgeous reports in a matter of minutes.
  • Optimize their Google and Facebook campaigns.

Oribi Product Tour

Here's a more detailed product tour of Oribi and all it has to offer marketers and businesses who are hoping to fully leverage their digital marketing efforts – from their website to social channels – to grow their leads and conversions.

At a glance, here are some of the amazing features and benefits of Oribi:

  • Funnels – build funnels super easily. Every step in your funnel can be any event, button click, page visit, form submission, or custom event. You can filter them by different parameters and even create cross-domain funnels easily.

Oribi Purchase Funnel Report

  • Event Correlation – Does reading your blog increase the number of sign-ups? Are visitors who saw the pricing page more likely to convert? The Event Correlations help you find the answers.

Oribi Event Correlation Analytics

  • Visitor Journeys – This section is an index of your visitors; use it to look up interesting journeys as well as specific patterns. The default sorting is by Last Seen – the visitors on top of the list are those who are currently on your site or the most recent visitors.

  • Oribi Customer Journey Analytics
  • Oribi Visitor Analytics
  • oribi visitor journey aggregator

  • Ecommerce – If you're selling directly online, Oribi offers some fantastic reporting that is specific to your purchase funnel and promotions.

  • Oribi Ecommerce Promotions
  • Oribi Conversion and Ecommerce Codeless Analytics

  • WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins – Oribi has developed both a simple WordPress and WooCommerce plugins to insert your script without having to edit a template.

Oribi WordPress and WooCommerce Analytics Plugin

  • Visitor Email Integration – turn an anonymous visitor into a known visitor if you're collecting an email address through your landing page forms or subscription forms. Oribi has a feature to set the visitor's email address as soon as they submit so you can identify them easily.

Whether you're a business looking to drive more leads through your website, a marketing agency looking to provide better reporting and performance for your clients, or an ecommerce site looking to increase conversion rates – Oribi has all the answers you need.

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Disclosure: I'm an affiliate of Oribi and you can use discount code martechzone for an additional 5% off if you decide to purchase a subscription (highly recommended)!

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