OSX: Customize your Terminal Window


Many of you know that I’m a bit of a Mac newby. One of the things I’m enjoying about OSX is the flexibility of the look and feel of the interface. This particular tip may really sound weak, but I like it. I used to always customize the windows command window in Microsoft Windows whenever I was using it… but options were limited.

With Terminal, I can specify use of any font, character width, row height, font size, font color, shadowing, background, background opacity, cursor used… wow! Talk about taking a shell window and making it look nifty. (Okay, I know… I’m an uber geek). But doesn’t this look pretty cool?


If you’re an OSX newby as well, it’s pretty easy:

  1. Open Terminal from your applications folder or dock.
  2. Go to your Terminal menu and select Window Settings.
  3. Make the modifications you’d like.
  4. Important: Go to your File menu and Click Use Settings as Default

The next time you open Terminal with that shortcut, you’ll get the same cool window to open up. Now if I just knew what to type in there…. 🙂

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