Apple Taking Notes from Microsoft?

It seems every week I'm downloading another service update for Vista. Most recently, Vista had a Service Pack on the same day that Apple had their 10.5.3 update for OS X Leopard. Since the update on Leopard, I've been having tons of issues using a browser… whether it's Safari or Firefox.

Today I decided to reinstall Safari to see if I could fix this once and for all. When I started the installation, I was met with this:

So they did an upgrade but neglected to update their Safari installation to allow for it? Oh dear Apple, perhaps you should stay small. The irony is that I'm using Firefox in Parallels on this MacBookPro to now quickly surf the net.


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    I’ve had the same problem. Let me know if you get a fix for it!

    Needless to say, I’ve been using my pc a lot lately. I really only used the Mac for what it’s good for anyway… design purposes.

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      I did find one application that seemed to conflict and that’s Orbicule’s Undercover. I wrote their support and fully removed the application and I seem to be doing better. It’s too bad, I love the security that their application provides. I asked them to write me when they get this fixed.

      I still think their may be some more issues, but this was the major.


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