How Outbound Email Marketing Can Support Your Marketing Goals

Outbound Email

Inbound marketing is great.

You create content.

You drive traffic to your website.

You convert some of that traffic and sell your products and services.


The reality is that it’s harder than ever to get a first-page Google result and drive organic traffic.

Content marketing is becoming ferociously competitive.

Organic reach on social media channels is continuing to decline.  

So if you too have noticed that inbound marketing just isn’t enough anymore, you’ll need to give it that extra push to get the results you’re after.

And that’s where outbound email marketing comes in.

Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound email marketing is all about reaching out to a highly targeted list of people who can potentially help with your business.

It’s not your typical cold emailing where you blast the same message out to thousands of people. It’s much more sophisticated and strategic than that.

With the right tactics and tools, outbound email marketing can be very effective at increasing your brand’s visibility and generating leads for your business.

Using a tool, such as OutreachPlus, that is designed specifically for email outreach will allow you to send highly personalized emails to a small audience, set up follow-up sequences, track all communication with your prospects, measure results of your campaigns, and more.

OutreachPlus dashboard - Outbound email marketing

The dashboard gives you a high level overview of performance

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Now, let’s look at some of the most effective tactics you can use to market your business using an email outreach tool.   

Build links to increase traffic.

Link building campaigns work on two fronts – they help you build a varied link profile which is extremely important for SEO, and they bring in high quality traffic to your website.

But, to get these benefits you need to find relevant link building opportunities i.e. authoritative, high profile sites that are closely related to your topic and then reach out to them.

There are many link building tactics, but here are a few that work extremely well:

  • Complimentary links – Find complimentary articles on related sites and exchange links.
  • Broken links – Find broken links on high-authority sites using a tool like Ahrefs and contact them to offer a replacement link.
  • Resource pages links – Find relevant resource pages and reach out to offer a quality resource that will add value and fit perfectly with the rest of the resources on that page.

Link building can be time consuming, but very valuable, so you need to organized with your outreach.

Amplify the reach of your best content.

Email outreach is a proven, highly effective way to drive traffic and engagement for your content.

You can reach out to influencers in your industry, related blogs, or even business partners whose audiences could be interested in your topic. As long as your content is extremely valuable, promoting it through outreach will expand its reach and potentially bring new leads for your business.

Either way, you need to have a good promotion strategy for your content.

Leverage influencers to build your brand.

Influencer marketing can be incredibly effective. In fact, one report found that for every $1 you spend on influencer marketing you get $6.50 back.

First, you’ll need to make a list of influencers that are relevant to your niche and the campaign you’re running, have the ability to drive their audience to action, and are a good fit for your brand. You can easily find the right influencers with GroupHigh.

You can then upload your list to an outreach tool and start building your campaign. Just make sure to personalize your emails for each influencer individually to increase your chances of getting a response.

Outbound email marketing tools are great for managing the outreach process, but they’re invaluable for keeping your finger on the pulse of your relationships with influencers as they develop.

Increase exposure through media outreach.

Media outreach is a cost-effective way to generate the exposure and visibility your brand needs to grow. Mentions in authority media sites give you third-party credibility and drive direct traffic to your website.

But…You need to target the right editors, journalist, and bloggers, people who’d actually be interested in the story you’re pitching. And this brings us back to the importance of having a highly targeted list of contacts.

Look for people who already covered similar stories but make sure that what you are pitching has an interesting and unique angle.

You can build a PR campaign to:

  • Promote your latest product/feature/service
  • Pitch an idea for a story
  • Offer to contribute insights for future articles

Since journalists and editors are extremely busy people, you’re almost certainly going to have to be patient and send follow-up emails.

Having a tool that can automate the follow-up process and trigger personalized emails based on recipients’ actions will be a huge time saver. Plus, you’ll never lose track of emails or important media contacts.


Outbound email marketing (i.e. email outreach) can support your inbound strategy and greatly contribute to your overall marketing goals.

If you haven’t already, the 4 tactics we talked about in this article are the perfect place to start with your outreach program. Just arm yourself with an outreach tool to automate, simplify, and speed-up the process and you’ll be all set!

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