ShoutNow Launches

Smaller Indiana has announced that the Indianapolis Startup Weekend has launched it’s product, and I believe it’s a huge winner! I didn’t attend the Startup because I knew I’d probably work the entire weekend, not get any sleep, and not get any other work done. I’m sorry I wasn’t a part of this incredible project, though!


Like every great application, ShoutNow solves a simple problem, is easy to use, and very inexpensive! If you’d like to make an announcement via phone to your friends, family, colleagues, or customers, it can cost a lot of money for an outbound voice messaging account… or you can use ShoutNow with no account fees, no setup, no sales… nothing!

ShoutNow uses Twilio, an outbound voice messaging API that, ironically, Adam Small of Connective Mobile told me about a few weeks ago. It’s affordable and simple to integrate.

I’ve got two pieces of feedback to ShoutNow:

  1. It seems to me that they’ll need to manage unsubscribes somehow, or users could probably run into trouble with complaints. I’m not sure, but they may even need to use Do Not Call lists to run their phone numbers against. People using the service to do marketing could be violating federal and state laws.
  2. The system is so affordable, that ShoutNow really needs to add a nice callout on the home page that gives a sample price (leave a message for 25 friends for $x!). I called 15 folks and it was less than $2!!

Congratulations to Shoutnow! Well done!


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    Hey Doug – I received your voice message Saturday afternoon via the ShoutNow service and am happy to learn the product is the result of an Indianapolis-based collaborative effort. I don’t mind voice messages from those on my “friends list” but you’re right – an opt-out feature needs to be added if businesses are going to use the service for announcements to customers and prospects. Looks like a great product though – congratulations to those involved!

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