How Do Outdoor Marketing Efforts Measure Up?

billboard marketing stats

We often overlook marketing opportunities that are so visible we don’t go a day without seeing them. Outdoor marketing on billboards is one of those strategies. As with most marketing channels, there are specific strategies and opportunities with billboard marketing that others can not provide. And provided a great strategy, the return on investment can even surpass other marketing channels.

Billboards can be highly influential for businesses in all industries. In this infographic from Signarama in Toronto, it was particularly interesting to read that in the Telecom industry it is the most influential. Note: It’s also fantastic to see that a sign company realizes the impact of infographics!

Signarama provides three keys to success with out-of-home marketing efforts:

  1. Right Location – Define your target market, identify your target demographics, and focus on regions with the greatest saturation of those demographics.
  2. Right Message – Highly visible and concise messaging are critical. Test your message digitally to find the one with greater conversion rates before buying outdoor advertising.
  3. Path to Conversion – It never fails that, no matter channel we’re talking about, we’re always surprised at the number of campaigns that are executed that don’t have measurable call-to-actions. Billboard marketing is now difference! Combine a unique message in a unique location with a unique landing page at a simple URL that’s hidden from search engines.

Outdoor and Billboard Marketing Stats