Integrating Mobile into an Outdoor Advertising Strategy

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Mobile Marketing is emerging and becoming more commonplace everyday.  Last week I was visiting family in the Myrtle Beach area and saw this billboard.  It was great to see a major attraction integrating mobile into their overall marketing strategy.


Doug has a similar mobile integration on his site, you can text MartechLOG to 71813 and get an alert when he posts! I cut the shortcode out of this picture so no one would be tempted to text them (it does cost the advertiser money).

This actually wasn't the only billboard I saw with mobile marketing integration.  I saw a fireworks store asking you to text “BANG” to a shortcode for a special offer, too!

By combining text messaging with billboards, Ripley's Aquarium:

  • Is now capable of tracking the effectiveness of the billboards.
  • Can track how much interest the new attraction is creating.
  • Introduced a new layer of interaction with the consumer.

Another cool feature that can be included in this is the ability to alert the advertiser and supply them with the mobile number of the consumer. Imagine texting for the Ripley's Aquarium offer and a few minutes later a representative calls you and asks if you have any questions!

This is an excellent example of how mobile integration can enhance existing outdoor advertising strategies.  What are you doing with mobile?


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    This is a great practical example of how traditional media can adopt new technology and remain relevant. It makes me wonder what other traditional media strategies can find new life with the use of mobile and other new media technologies.

    Thanks for writing it!

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