OwnBackup: Disaster Recovery, Sandbox Seeding, And Data Archival for Salesforce

OwnBackup: Salesforce Disaster Recovery, Data Archival, and Seeding

Years ago, I had migrated my marketing automation to a fairly well-known and widely adopted platform (not Salesforce). My team designed and developed a few nurturing campaigns and we were really starting to drive some great lead traffic… until disaster struck. The platform was doing a major upgrade and accidentally wiped out a number of customers' data, including ours.

While the company had a service level agreement (SLA) that guaranteed uptime, it had no backup and recovery capabilities at an account level. Our work was gone and the company didn't have the resources nor capabilities to restore it at an account level. While our designs could have been re-implemented, all of our prospect and customer activity was wiped out. There was, of course, no way to reproduce that critical and valuable data. I suspect we lost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue. The platform let us out of our contract and I immediately left their partner program.

I learned my lesson. Part of my vendor selection process now is ensuring that platforms either have an export or backup mechanism… or a very robust API that I can retrieve data on a regular basis with. I advise customers to do the same.


Enterprise platforms typically have system-wide backups and snapshot backups built into their platforms for self-protection, but these tools are not readily accessible to their customers. CRM platform owners wrongly assume that because their SaaS data is in the cloud, it’s protected.

69% of companies within the Salesforce ecosystem acknowledge they are unprepared for data loss or corruption.


Companies like Salesforce are iterating, innovating, and integrating at such a level of speed with hundreds of developers that it's virtually impossible to develop and maintain a parallel codebase for customers to backup and secure their data. Their focus is on system stability, up-time, security, and innovation… so businesses must look to third-party solutions for things like backups.

It's important to clarify that Salesforce isn't the primary cause of loss of data. In fact, I personally haven't witnessed them accidentally destroy client data. Data outages have occurred from time to time, but I've not seen a disaster (knock on wood). As well, Salesforce has some export capabilities for bulk data that can be utilized, but that's not ideal as it would require building a backup, scheduling, reporting, and other capabilities around it to be a full disaster recovery solution.

What are the greatest threats to enterprise data?

  • Ransomware attacks – Mission-critical and sensitive data is a target for ransomware attacks.
  • Accidental deletion – Overwriting or deleting data often happens accidentally by users.
  • Poor Testing – workflows and applications increase the chance of inadvertent data loss or corruption.
  • Hacktivists – politically or socially motivated cybercriminals expose or destroy data.
  • Malicious Insiders – current or former employees, contractors, or business associates with legitimate access can wreak havoc if relationships deteriorate.
  • Rogue Applications – with a robust exchange of third-party applications, there's always the chance that a platform might accidentally delete, overwrite, or corrupt your critical data.


Thankfully, Salesforce's API-first approach to development typically ensures each feature or data element is fully accessible via their wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs). That opens the door for third parties to take up the gap in disaster recovery… which OwnBackup has accomplished.

OwnBackup offers the following solutions:

  • Salesforce Backup and Recovery – Protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
  • Salesforce Sandbox Seeding – Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal training environments with Enhanced Sandbox Seeding.
  • Salesforce Data Archiving – Preserve data with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance with OwnBackup Archiver.

Now that Cargill is using OwnBackup we never have to worry about data loss again. If we have an issue, we can quickly compare and restore the data all but eliminating any data downtime.

Kim Gandhi, Customer Experience Strategic Product Owner at Cargill FIBI Division

OwnBackup proactively prevents you from losing mission-critical Salesforce CRM data and metadata with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery… with pricing that's conveniently at a user-level.

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