A Magazine worth $14.99

If you’ve not perused the magazine section at Borders lately, you should take some time and pick up a copy of Practical Web Design from Future. I’ve been reading this magazine for a couple of years now, watching it merge and blossom into a fantastic monthly. You can get a subscription (imported) for about $122/year and it’s worth every penny. Regardless of whether you’re a marketing manager or a programmer, every single edition will have

What a day!

My daughter gave me a call today after receiving a package in the mail from Jones Soda. This company is incredible! As a thanks for the work I did on a custom My Jones Music MP3 player skin, Jones sent out a thank-you package. Wow! It contained a sweatshirt, some bumper stickers, some other stickers, a keychain, lip balm, and a pin!!! I can’t say enough about this company. To go out of their way

Digging for Gold with Web 2.0

I was speaking to a good friend of mine, Bob Flores, who is a leader in the Telecom industry. Bob educates companies on corporate leadership and specializes in building efficiencies into the Telecom industry. Bob asked me tonight what I thought the next Internet big idea was. Here’s what my thoughts were: There’s not much money to be had on the internet by simply building a web page. The Internet is merging into multimedia and

My Wimpy Skin at MyJonesSoda.com

I was checking out http://www.myjonesmusic.com last week and saw that they were using the Wimpy Flash-based MP3 Player. This is the same player that I had just built a custom skin for on my son’s website, http://www.billkarr.com. So I dropped the great folks at Jones a line and asked if I could build them a skin. I did, and ‘voila’, they are now using the skin on their site. They are even giving thought to

Indianapolis Colts

This Friday, I had the honor of attending a meeting with some very well-represented firms and local industry leaders to work with the Colts on their ongoing efforts to “Make it Personal” with their fans. This is a fantastic organization and they have my utmost respect. They are utilizing every resource they can possibly get a hold of in order to improve relationships with their fans, and bring them as close to the organization as

Happy Birthday to Me!

ExactTarget is a great place to work! This morning my lunch buddies/co-workers/co-spouses surprised me with a well-decorated pod. Complete with birthday confetti (careful not to get any in my keyboard), Happy Birthday ribbon, an Expresso machine (!!!), Dr. Grip Gel Fine Point pen, Expo Dry Erase Marker with magnetic bracket and eraser on the tip, AND a “Tide To Go” Stain Remover (since I always return from lunch with a single drop of something on