Spend $299 and Submit Your Site to Yahoo?

You may want to proceed with caution when utilizing some of the standard online SEO tools and reading some of the forums on how to increase your site’s rank, authority and backlinks… some of this information is far outdated.

Case in point, I read on quite a few sites that submitting your site to Yahoo!’s directory was a great idea. For $299, your site would get indexed within the Yahoo! business directories, promoted on Yahoo’s directory page for a day, and perhaps get some attention from other sites that see Yahoo! as an authority.

Yahoo! Submission Results

If you think that slow rising green bar is representative of the rise in traffic I received for the purchase… you’re wrong. That was traffic before I registered the site with Yahoo! It’s been dropping in Yahoo! search traffic ever since.

Perhaps people really don’t see Yahoo! as an authority anymore (some sarcasm there… I honestly expected a little bit of traffic). Sadly, my organic traffic from Yahoo!’s search engine is in a steady decline… but thankfully (lots of sarcasm here), 17 visitors came to my site from the Yahoo directories in the last 60 days. If that keeps up, that will be about 100 new visitors that will come to my blog in the next year – at a cost of about $3 each.


Next up? Best of the Web… as soon as I can afford it ($99 recurring) and Business.com for another $299 annually.


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    Hey Doug thanks for pointing that out for me I was thinking of doing the same thing. I guess I wont consider that for myself or my SEO clients.

    I wonder if the issue is that Yahoo is a paid directory and not a free one? Noboody like to see someone buy their way to the top. Many times people are looking just to get MORE backlinks but it is even more important taking into account the neighborhood they are coming from and a paid directory is usually not the best ones. The only other thing I can think of is when you added your Yahoo listing you focused your keywords on something more competitive in nature than your past listings. That would make you a player in the big word game but farther down the ladder.

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    Doug –

    I don’t normally disagree with you, but in this case I have to. Up until VERY recently Google, in there webmaster guidelines actually suggested that you get a listing in the Yahoo! web directory. Their reasoning for removing it was NOT because it had no value, but that they did not see the necessity to make the suggestion.

    If you’re focusing on the traffic from the listing, you’re missing the point. Just like with ANY link, on ANY site, it’s not necessarily that you want traffic from THAT link, but rather you want to raise your organic rankings for particular keywords.

    If the authority from these links is valuable – why wouldn’t you pay $99 or $299 for it? If your goal is to grow your amount of inbound links to your site – why wouldn’t you at least consider this as an option? If someone where to blog about giving away a Starbucks coffee card if a someone views a demo, and then links that offer back to their main site… isn’t this MORE expensive than Yahoo! directory?

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      Hi Jim!

      I was hoping to solicit some responses from some pros in the industry. You are correct – it’s all a matter of return on investment. If those 17 users result in $600 in revenue, it’s a no brainer. But I’m not just talking about visits here, I’m talking about SEO pros telling folks to register with these services to build authority.

      I realize I’m only one site, but very few visitors, a drop in traffic, no increase in pagerank, no Google alerts for new backlinks found… all lead me to believe that there’s no reason to do this anymore. Where am I going wrong?


      PS: Starbucks… you’re funny!

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    I am only using Google as my authoritative search engine for checking the rankings of my sites.

    Yahoo and MSN are not constant in their rankings.

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