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Panguin Tool: Overlay Google Search Algorithm Changes With Your Google Analytics Data

If you’re a highly technical SEO professional, you pay attention to major algorithm changes published by Google’s Search Engine to observe whether or not they’ve impacted your organic search traffic. One incredible way of observing this is to overlay your Google Analytics data with the dates those algorithm changes took place.

The Panguin Tool enables you to do just that, and even to add some filters with their upgraded version.

Here are some of the key features and steps to use the tool effectively:

  1. Access Panguin Tool: Visit the Panguin Tool website to get started.
  2. Connect Google Analytics: To use the tool, you need to connect your Google Analytics account. Click on the Connect Google Analytics button and follow the authentication process.
  3. Select Website Profile: Select the website profile you want to analyze from your Google Analytics account once connected.
  4. View Google Algorithm Updates: Panguin Tool provides a timeline of Google algorithm updates. You can see when major updates occurred and their potential impact on your website’s traffic.
  5. Overlay Traffic Data: One of the key features is the ability to overlay Google algorithm updates onto your website’s traffic data. This visual representation helps you see if there are correlations between updates and traffic fluctuations.
  6. Analyze Traffic Drops: Look for significant drops or spikes in your website’s traffic that coincide with Google updates. These may indicate areas where your site was affected by algorithm changes.
  7. Identify Trends: Analyze your website’s traffic data trends to understand which updates had the most impact. This information can help you adjust your SEO strategies accordingly.
  8. Export Data: Panguin Tool allows you to export the data for further analysis or reporting. This can help share insights with your team or clients.
  9. Take Action: Based on your analysis, develop an action plan to address any negative impacts from algorithm updates. This might involve optimizing content, improving user experience, or adjusting your SEO strategy.

The result is impressive and can be easily filtered by date, device, or the type of algorithm upate to pinpoint the impact.

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The Panguin tool is a valuable resource for SEO professionals in the online technology and marketing sectors. It helps them track and analyze the effects of Google algorithm updates on website traffic, enabling informed decisions to improve SEO strategies.

Analyze Your Organic Search Traffic with the Panguin Tool

Douglas Karr

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