Pantheon: Serious WordPress or Drupal Hosting with New Relic

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We have 47 active plugins on our WordPress installation. That’s a lot of plugins, many of which may slow down the performance of WordPress. We do some comprehensive speed tests before deploying plugins, or we may even use some of the logic to simply update our theme so it runs faster and is less taxing on our servers. Speed is essential nowadays – both from a user experience angle and a search engine optimization angle.

If I had any complaint about typical hosting platforms, it’s that they typically don’t allow you to troubleshoot and identify queries and assets and how they’re impacting your content management system. Something as simple as tuning your database can cut the time it takes your pages to load by a fraction. Pantheon is changing this!

Pantheon is a high-end hosting platform for the serious WordPress and Drupal developer. Pantheon provides web teams all of the developer tools, hosting, scaling, performance, workflow, and automation they need to build the best websites in the world.

  • Manage Sites Easily – Manage all your WordPress and Drupal sites from a single dashboard. Collaborate on projects easily among team members.
  • Automate DevOps – Free yourself from server maintenance. Let Pantheon automate sysadmin work— you can focus on developing great websites.
  • Workflow for the Truly Agile – Push changes quickly and often. Use continuous integration with version control and out-of-the-box dev, test, and live environments.

With the unified power of Pantheon plus New Relic Pro, our customers have the tools to build, launch, and run amazing websites, faster and worry-free, with maximum performance. New Relic Pro is a perfect complement to the Pantheon platform and we’re pleased to offer this exclusive, end-to-end web development and analytics suite at no additional cost to Pantheon users. Zack Rosen, Co-founder and CEO of Pantheon

Users of Pantheon can now ensure maximum website performance during all phases of production – from development to live publication. Key functionality includes:

  • Code-level visibility empowers users to identify the root cause of performance issues, down to the function call, for efficient diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Deployment flagging allows developers to monitor performance over time and quickly identify problematic features.
  • Access to New Relic on every development environment – Multidev environments, Dev, Test, and Live–enables users to catch performance issues before they go live and deploy with confidence.

Pantheon users will receive access to New Relic APM Pro immediately and can access site performance analytics in the dashboard of the Pantheon platform.

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