The Real Truth About Your Sales Funnel

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First off, we love our sponsors at PaperShare, who have powered our resource library with all of our sponsors' whitepapers and ebooks. I had a blast working on this infographic with them.

During this process, we delved into why content marketing in no longer a single marketing channel; it truly is the foundation that powers all marketing efforts. Why, you might ask? Well, this statistic might or might not surprise you. According to Sirius Decisions:

B2B customers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the purchase decision has been made.

Let's think about that for a minute. That means that before any prospect is willing to talk to your sales team, they are researching, downloading and interacting with your content in some way in order to make a decision as to whether you are a viable candidate. That's huge!

The other problem is that, even with all of the analytics and tools available to us today, we still aren't gaining full visibility into our efforts because the conversion path is often unclear. While someone might have come and downloaded your whitepaper, how did they get there? They could saw an ad on another site, then clicked to get to your website, then bounced off. Two weeks later, they decided to start following you on social. Then, a month later, they decide to finally download one of your whitepapers. When you thought they were coming to your site directly, in truth, they found you almost two months ago from an ad. Wouldn't it be better if you had visibility into that whole path instead of when they just downloaded the whitepaper?

We need that visibility of people who are landing on those pages. We need visibility so that we can make better decisions. And we need a history for prospects so that we can tailor content to them.

Check out this awesome infographic from PaperShare, and make sure to check them out for you content distribution needs!

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