Patronpath Launches New Web Presence

When I was first hired at Patronpath, I was horrified (yes, that’s accurate) at the website that was up. It was pure flash, no pages, no back-end optimization (although SWFObject was loaded), no means of updating the content… and most of all, no traffic.

It was a site that cost plenty, with no return on investment. When I approached the agency who developed the site, there were no apologies. In fact, when I complained about the SEO, they offered another pricey contract to optimize the site. That was the final straw! No agency with any conscience would build a site that no one can find.

Enough of a rant! Mark Gallo and I worked with our Branding and Marketing partners at Kristian Andersen and had them design a site for us, which is implemented with Imavex’s content management system. Kristian has some incredible talent in his organization.

We went through a few iterations of the site before settling on this layout. I believe it speaks to the professionalism of our company as well as the strength that our brand is beginning to gain momentum with!

The site is now live, and it’s absolutely beautiful and very simple to navigate. (In case you’re wondering – yes, blogging will be a feature in the future). Here’s a screenshot:
patronpath site

I’m glad this was one aspect we were able to deliver on before hiring our new Director of Marketing, Marty Bird! I would have hated to have handed off the old site.


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