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Last August I wrote about my new job at Patronpath. This has been a challenging 8 months at Patronpath but the business is proving itself over and over. Our first quarter was larger than last year and our clients have double-digit growth internally using our marketing and ecommerce solutions.

Last night, we won the Mira Awards for Indiana’s Information Technology Gazelle Company!
mira patronpath

The most challenging part of our efforts is, by far, integrating with Restaurant POS systems. There are only a couple in the industry that are capitalizing on new technologies – most of the others are still in a world of batch files, Access Databases and even FoxPro. We’ve got a great framework in place for accomplishing this that is unlike the rest of the solutions and we’re proud of our POS integration.

We also have almost as many in our implementation funnel as we do live! That’s got me working overtime on automation and simplifying implementation. Thank goodness we’ve got a great team at Patronpath. Mark Gallo, President, understands the industry inside and out. Chad Hankinson is the best salesman I’ve ever worked with – he never stops when the sale is done – he continues working with his clients in their implementation and beyond. Our most recent employees are Tammy Heath, Account Manager, and Marty Bird, Director of Marketing.

Tammy is a fantastic Account Manager who cares about her clients. Marty has been a godsend for me, personally, since he’s organized and built our email marketing programs and is working to streamline our internal operations by implementing Salesforce along with our current tools, Google Apps and ExactTarget.

The team doesn’t stop there, either. Kristian Andersen and Associates have provided us with an awesome web presence and brand. And we continue to get ongoing consultation from our board – who run businesses like Autobase, HealthX, First Internet Bank and RICS Software.

Press Release: Patronpath Wins Techpoint MIRA Award


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    Douglas, congratulations! I’ve worked in the POS thing and I know how hard it is so I can appreciate this award and how much it means for a company…


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    Woo-Hoo! Awesome and well-deserved award, Doug. Meeting you at NRA was the high point of the day for the Kwingo team.

    Some of us create foofy stuff; some of us create Useful Stuff. You create the Useful Stuff — good on ya

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