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Social Advertising AI Platform - Pattern89

Two years after getting their start from venture studio High Alpha, Pattern89’s marketing AI platform is rapidly releasing new automations for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

Pattern89’s AI marketing software combines the power of machine learning with unprecedented advertiser data. It identifies and analyzes data patterns that will improve campaign results. This constant data analysis keeps brands’ digital advertising up-to-date and maximized for performance.

With the launch of their “Do This For Me” Button, Pattern89, is making successful digital advertising easier– and smarter– than ever. Its features include:

Social Advertising Insights

Pattern89’s AI offers advertisers the best social advertising insights because it has access to the most data. On a daily basis, it analyzes over 2,900 elements of every customer ad, alongside billions of other advertiser data points. This deep, daily analysis surfaces the most optimal and timely updates for Facebook and Google ads.

Social Advertising Insights - Pattern89

Optimizations Delivered as Alerts

The AI finds statistically significant patterns in advertiser data, and determines how to use those patterns to maximize ad performance. It delivers these updates to customers as daily Alerts, so they can always have ads that are yielding the best results.

Social Advertising Alerts from Pattern89

Creative Planner

The Creative Planner analyzes thousands of visual elements per individual ad and identifies which creative aspects– including copy, colors, imagery, facial expressions, and more– resonate most with audiences to reach custom goals.

Social Advertising Creative Planner with Pattern89

“Do This For Me” Button

In a move to save advertisers even more time, Pattern89 has recently implemented their “Do This For Me” Button. It automatically implements previously manual optimizations that could take hours per week to complete.

Pattern89 Social Advertising Do This For Me Button

With both brands and agencies finding success with their AI platform for advertisers, Pattern89 is offering free two-week trials.

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