A Complete Set of Tips to Increase Your Pay Per Click Advertising ROI

ppc tips checklist

While this infographic from Datadial states for small business, I’ll be honest that we work with some enterprise and large businesses that don’t take advantage of many of these tips! This may be the most complete list of tips I’ve seen when it comes to utilizing pay per click advertising on Google more effectively.

Regardless of your industry, the tactics you can employ to make life easier for PPC management remain the same. This infographic (from Datadial to you, with love) breaks down 53 considerations for Pay-Per-Click success. 53 Steps to Ultimate PPC Success for Small Business

Pay Per Click Tips

  1. Keyword Matches – mix broad and specific search terms over time.
  1. Ads – Try different search query and ad combinations.
  2. Competition – What prices and messaging are your competitors using?
  3. Ad Extensions – Extensions drive greater engagement and don’t cost additional money.
  1. Long-Tail Keywords – often cost less, are highly relevant, and lead to greater conversions.
  2. Dynamic Keywords – automatically change your keywords in an ad can increase relevance and conversion rates.
  1. Don’t Waste Clicks – use negative keywords to avoid unrelated combinations that search users won’t find relevant.
  1. Test – observe the data, tweak what doesn’t work and refine what does.
  2. Consistency – ensure your laungage and tone match your brand and content.

Understand Your Search and Web Analytics

  1. Multi-channel – research search, display, shopping, mobile and video channels.
  2. Generic – avoid generic search terms that may increase your cost and traffic, but not lead to conversions.
  3. Location – if you’re running a local or multiple local businesses, setup location targeting.
  1. Demographics – target your audience by age, gender and other characteristics.
  1. Best Practices – ensure your ads are in line with guidelines.
  2. Data – capture as much data as you can to fine-tune your strategy.
  3. Forms – keep forms short and sweet.
  4. Analyze – analyze your data to identify opportunities.

Contextual Advertising, Display Ads

  1. Remarket – contact visitors after tehy’ve used your site and left.
  1. Device – try targeting on mobile, desktop or both to identify differences.
  2. Click to Call – offer a method on mobile ads to call directly from the ad.
  1. Clickability – make your images clearly clickable.
  2. Seller Ratings and Reviews – include ratings and reviews to for higher trust.
  1. URL – include keywords in your link slugs.
  2. Graphics – utilize relevant graphics.

Contextual Advertising, Display Ads

  1. Speed – increasing page speed will improve your ad quality score.
  1. Graphics – utilize relevant graphics.
  2. Responsive – ensure your website is responsive to mobile or desktop viewing.
  3. Subscriptions – add a newsletter subscription to keep engaged with interested visitors.
  4. Optimization – reduce the number of clicks needed to convert.
  5. Testimonials – display testimonials on your site for credibility.

That’s just a few of the more important tips, here’s the entire infographic:

Pay Per Click Tips for Google

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