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You always know when I disappear for a couple days – it means that I'm taking in plenty of caffeine and programming my brains out. One of the first projects I ever had was programming an employee performance database in Microsoft Access 2.0! A feature that I added to it (since our HR department required all of the values be filled in) was a pay increase calculator. I programmed it as a form in the database and the results printed out in a report.

That evolved to several Visual Basic for Applications versions, a Visual Basic version, and then I purchased the domain name and built a JavaScript version many, many moons ago. With the onslaught of AJAX and Web2.0 applications, I decided to roll out an AJAX version. I started it on Friday night and finished it today. My desk is askew with empty Starbuck's cups, PHP books, AJAX and JavaScript books… all of which came in handy at one time or another.

I built this site from scratch utilizing Dreamweaver (I'm a ol' school notepad guy… but I decided to give it a shot). I did the graphics in Illustrator. I utilized CSS for the front-end 100%, and even have a Print CSS version (go ahead and print the results out and you'll see). The front end was inspired by 37Signals… nice and simple, but a little elegant. I still have the results displaying in a table – but that's on purpose because I want people to be able to copy and paste the results in Excel or any other pogram. There's a lot of neat little quirks about the application. I hope you like it!

Be sure to report any bugs to me! Next step is integrating a Job Search engine utilizing Indeed for the back-end. Maybe next weekend!

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