Payraise Calculator Analytics

You folks may not think this is as interesting as I do, but this is a screenshot of my hits on Payraise Calculator. I really find it interesting that all the hits are during the week and barely any on the weekend. I suppose I have 2 kinds of visitors, those calculating a raise for someone else or those calculating a raise for themselves. I would have thought the latter group would be checking stuff like this out on the weekend… but I guess not.

Payraise Calculator Analytics

I know I need to rid the site of getting the results in a popup! This year, maybe. 🙂

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    For those who want to know…this is the No. 1 site for calculating your pay raise! I highly recommend it. I recently received a pay raise plus an additional raise which had to do with pension. I calculated the combined percentages and received the exact information that showed up on my paycheck. Thank you, Dough, for providing this valuable tool.

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