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paysketch for paypal

We have some colleagues in the industry that utilize PayPal for all of their transactions. Payment gateways and processors add quite a bit of fees on transactions, so PayPal is a simple, trusted approach to collect fees on subscriptions, downloads, and other payments. That said, the PayPal interface isn’t the easiest to navigate – so getting a business intelligence tool that can help you monitor, analyze, collect and interact with your customers can provide a huge advantage for you.

Paysketch provides an affordable business intelligence desktop application that helps you manage and monitor your business rather than PayPal’s interface which really only provides insight into the transactions. PaySketch provides an overall view of your account as well as specific dashboards for transactions, sales, payments, customers, products and reporting.

There are three key benefits to PaySketch:

  1. Analytics – PaySketch provides real-time PayPal Analytics with insights, forecasts and trend analysis to help you monitor and improve your business.
  2. Reporting – Filter, search, view and download PayPal transactions instantly. View and downlaod reports on sales, products and/or customers.
  3. Account Management – Track transactions, view your account balance, process refunds and send money.

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