Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Teams

While artificial intelligence continues to raise alarms with many, I personally believe it will unleash incredible opportunities for sales and marketing teams. Today, much of a marketer’s time is spent implementing technology solutions, moving data, testing, and analyzing the results of their marketing initiatives in preparation for the next campaign.

The promise of ai is that systems can learn from our actions, so technology can optimize itself, data can be moved more effectively, tests can be automatically implemented and results will modify the technology. AI doesn’t replace talent, it will enable our creativity, getting us out of the weeds, and helping us to meet our full sales and marketing potential like never before.

The People․ai platform captures all contacts, activity, and engagement to drive actionable insights across all sales, marketing, and customer success teams. By analyzing human behavioral data, the system can provide key feedback for both improving sales and marketing performance as well as reading your prospects and customers more accurately.

60% of organizations expect to increase investment in AI by more than 50% in 2018. Constellation

The People․ai platform has 3 different stages:

  1. Ingestion – activity data captured from email communications, calendaring, phone conversations, and video conferencing.
    With 96 out-of-the-box API connections to email, calendaring systems, audio, and video conferencing services, and telephone systems – leverages the industry’s leading activity capturing capabilities and equips your organization with the ability to capture the entire go-to-market team’s customer communications.
  2. Analysis – AI-based matching master data models from evergreen data that can classify content, read the sentiment, resolve identities, sense enterprise-grade content, in a GDPR and privacy compliant platform. With the industry’s highest-fidelity account and opportunity matching algorithms, customizable tiebreakers, and automated contact creation organizational leaders can rest easy that CRM contacts from marketing and sales activities will automatically end up in the right place in the CRM. Once matched, leverages the power of AI to analyze sentiment, detect competitor mentions, and enrich contact data to both solve for matching business and personal contact resolution and supercharge both the new and old data in your CRM.
  3. Deliver Intelligence – Not only does the platform ingest, analyze, and supercharge your activity data, it also delivers that data and insights to the tools you’re already using. In addition to the powerful web application, is designed to deliver data and insights directly to your business intelligence tools, data warehouse tools, Slack, back into your CRM, or countless other tools via our robust API. Data no longer disappears as it’s created, it’s pulled in, analyzed and supercharged, and delivered back to you where it matters.

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