5 Misperceptions of Marketing and the Reality

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We're working on a proposal right now where the prospect stated they wanted to move quick. Most salespeople would salivate with the opportunity to get a quick signature, but I view it now as a warning sign. Moving quickly typically leads to an expectation of getting leads quickly. While that may be possible until we thoroughly analyze the client, the competition, and the opportunity, we're not sure how quickly we can get the results.

Is it misperception? Misconception? Or perhaps it's missed expectations. Perhaps it's a combination of all of the above, but marketing does have incredible challenges. I sometimes think we bring it upon ourselves since we tend to tout the most unimaginable results across any platform, medium or agency site.

Thank goodness for folks like Highspot that recognize many of the myths out there. They've produced this infographic with 5 key perceptions, the reality and tips to improve the success of each:

  1. Reality – 65% of content created by marketing is never used by sales.
  2. Reality – Less than 10% of the marketing budget goes to efforts that produce sales results.
  3. Reality – Only 24% of companies have formalized marketing to sales handoffs.
  4. Reality – Tools can overcomplicate your sales process and destroy your budget.
  5. Reality – 28% of content is never found and sales spends 31% of their time searching for it!

Be sure to take in the tips that Highspot provides in their infographic:

Perception versus Reality with Marketing and Sales

The Highspot sales enablement platform connects sales teams to the most relevant content for each situation, provides flexible ways to present content to customers, and delivers real-time visibility into whether customers find the content engaging. Advanced analytics provides actionable insights so pitches and content can be optimized.

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