PerfectBanner: Testing, Optimization, and Automation for Banner Ads

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We have banner advertising on our site and I often have to approve several instances of banner ads for our most savvy advertisers. They realize that they're not going to fully leverage the traffic here unless they test and optimize their banner advertising.

That's a difficult task with most systems, including Google. You have to upload multiple instances, then let them run long enough to get some statistical validity (which can take a long time if the click-through rates are low), upload and test your next variation, then continue the cycle. If you're not on top of things, that can take quite a while.

Perfectbanner auto-enhances your AdWords display ads' creative elements, including color, image, message and more. Their algorithm has improved conversion rates of display advertising by 30-179% for their clients.

Perfectbanner Display Ad Testing Features

  • Banner Generator Speed – Specifically designed for creating banners and automatically improving them, our banner generator will let you create ads and set up tests in no time.
  • Reversed Testing Algorithm – Instead of finding winners, our algorithm identifies and drops the losing banner variations, thereby increasing the average performance significantly.
  • Machine Learning – Perfectbanner's algorithm grows stronger with more historical data and can, for example, learn which colors that generates most clicks. The more you use it the smarter and better it gets.
  • Automatic Testing Queue – The algorithm automatically implements the winning variation from one test to the next, until it has generated the perfect banner.
  • Easy to Use – A specially engineered banner builder, dedicated ad servers and an ever improving algorithm seamlessly operates together to make it easy and efficient for you.

Pricing is straight forward, only (US) $0.02/CPM under 150kb and $0.02/GB over 150kb. They also offer CDN hosting for $0.10/GB.

The Perfectbanner platform is also integrated to other major display ad networks, including adgear, adgenius, AdMarvel, AdRoll, adSpeed, ADTECH, Adtraction, adrecord, advert serve, AdXpansion, adzerk, Affiliator, appnexus, atlas by Facebook, bidtheatre, choozle, criteo, cxense, DataXu, Delta Projects, dime DSP,, Doubleclick by Google, egass, engage BDR, epom, EroAdvertising, exoClick, Flurry, HasOffers, Mads, MediaMath, mopub, myaffiliates, NetRefer, OpenX, Perfect Audience, Pointroll, Rakuten Marketing, ReachLocal, Revive, Sitescout, Sizmek, Smart Ad Server, SpecificMedia, theTradeDesk, Tradedoubler, TradeTracker, TrafficForce, Undertone, Voluum, Xaxis, and Zedo (with more coming).

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