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A friend of mine absolutely despises personality tests. I actually like them, but don't feel too comfortable basing decisions upon them. I've had employers that utilize the testing to develop teams and to understand how the people on that team will interact with them. Being ‘officially' trained by Development Dimensions International, I feel comfortable reviewing personality tests and not utilizing them to predetermine working relationships. When I worked for the company where we were trained, the tests worked fantastic because they led to personal development of how we interacted with others.

When I moved to a previous employer who didn't bother with any training, the Myers-Briggs test wound up being another piece of information that was used against you. It's easier for a manager to make excuses not to lead when they can illogically decipher a personality test. It turns into a crutch rather than a tool. Not understanding data can lead to worse decisions than not having the data at all. We see this over and over with polling, poorly developed surveys, bad focus groups, and weak analysis. Personality tests are no different. Putting a manager or supervisor title on you doesn't mean you know how to manage or supervise, and definitely doesn't mean you can analyze someone's personality test to change the way you work with them. That's why I think my friend hates them… and I don't blame him. It would be like me picking up a biology book to do surgery on you, would you trust me? I think not.

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That said, I really liked PersonalDNA's report and their comments based on your submission. The controls were very intuitive for selecting your answers, I'm impressed with the usability of their application. As well, the finished report was accurate and, most of all positive. There was enough information to paint a picture of yourself, but not too much that someone could hold the information against you. Check out
my Personal Dna Report
to see for yourself.

Animated Leader… I like that!

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    I did some personality tests, and some of them give amazingly accurate results with only a few questions asked. I think that they can be a great guideline for setting up teams. But they cannot be the sole tool for doing that.

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