Consumers Prefer Choice and Interactivity… even with Video

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There are three basic types of sites that organizations publish for their company:

  1. Brochure – a static website that’s simply a showcase for visitors to check out.
  2. Dynamic – a consistently updated site that provides news, updates, and other media.
  3. Interactive – a site that offers the visitor to navigate and interact how they wish.

Examples of interactivity that we’ve done for clients have included interactive infographics, return on investment or pricing calculators, interactive maps, social tools like forums and, of course, e-commerce sites. Our customers are often surprised by how much attention is paid to an interactive tool on the site… even if it’s just embedded on just one page.

Consumers want an active role in creating a relevant and engaging experience, and marketers should welcome the opportunity to partner with them to build a more interactive Web.

Rapt Media surveyed more than 2,000 consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom through an online survey in July 2015. Responses were collected voluntarily from both male and female anonymous respondents, ages 18 to 60. Survey respondents were found to prioritize choice and customization across the board – from how they get their news on Facebook, to how they shop on their mobile devices. All of the survey data is compiled in an interactive video that lets marketers select which survey findings they want to know more about.

Key findings in the Rapt Media video report:

  • 89% want control over the ads they’re shown online
  • 57% wish to find content on their own versus through advertising
  • 64% will spend more time watching video if they can actively participate
  • 86% want to be able to control the topics they see on news sites
  • 56% like choosing content that is relevant to them

Download the Rapt Media Video Report

Just as choice has become critical in the success of social, e-commerce, and content offerings, the findings from Rapt Media provide evidence that video needs to evolve as well! With Rapt Media, creating interactive videos has never been easier. Increase your content’s engagement, tell more personalized stories, and deepen engagement by turning viewers into active participants.