Phonesites: Create Sales Funnel Websites and Landing Pages in Minutes Using Your Phone

Phonesites Sales Funnel and Landing Page Website Builder

This might really anger some folks in my industry, but many companies simply don’t have a model that supports the investment into a massive site deployment and content marketing strategy. I know quite a few small businesses that still go door-to-door or depend on word-of-mouth to support an impressive business.

Phonesites: Launch Pages In Minutes

Every business has to balance its owner’s time, effort, and investment to produce the most efficient sales process to bring in new business. Sometimes, the investment in a website is as simple as grabbing a domain and putting up a clean, simple, mobile-responsive, and optimized landing page. That’s exactly what Phonesites is for…

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch. Pre-made templates install in 2 clicks.
  2. Start building pages by adding text, images, and video with their easy drag-and-drop editor.
  3. Brand the site using your custom domain and integrate any third-party platforms you’re using.
  4. Setup automated responses with email or SMS follow-ups.
  5. Grow your reach through advertising and AI-driven copy.

Phonesites combines robust templates, data collection, and AI-driven content to help businesses or agencies roll out high-converting sales funnel driven sites in minutes.

Phonesites has helped over 10,000 businesses generate over 1 million leads and convert those into millions in revenue. Phonesites is a painless website & landing page builder that will have you generating more leads, more customers, and more sales. Phonesites enables small businesses and agencies:

  • Launch Pages in minutes on any device. Their website builder features pre-built, high-converting templates you can use to get your site built in just minutes.
  • Collect Leads and book appointements. Build simple pages that guide visitors through your sales process step by step while collecting data along wth way so you can follow up.
  • Create Content – You can generate high-converting marketing copy in just a few clicks with Phonesite’s AI Writer.
  • Email Follow-Ups – No need for an email program, Phonesites built-in email system lets you send follow-ups automatically.
  • Get Assistance – Tap into a Team of Experts to assist with 1-on-1 strategies calls, live chat, a private community, and weekly workshops.

Any content management system (CMS) requires integration capabilities to enhance and add-on features and functionality. Phonesites is no different, with productized integrations to Zapier, Mailchimp, Stripe, Twilio, Vimeo, YouTube, Google ReCaptcha, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Calendly, and more.

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Phonesites and I’m using my affiliate link in this article.