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Phrasee Copywriting AI
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Phrasee uses AI-generated language to power copy for global brands and generates new, never-seen-before language in real-time, using natural language generation and deep learning.

Phrasee Overview Video

Phrasee is AI technology that uses your email subject lines as a language laboratory. Linguistic elements combine to discover a language model that’s tailored to your brand. Then, the AI applies your unique language model across all your marketing campaigns – from email to push, social to display, paid search to web.

Before Phrasee, you had to rely on human instinct. And maybe that worked in the 90s. But praying your gut got it right just doesn’t cut it anymore. On average, Phrasee delivers over 700,000 incremental opens and 56,000 incremental clicks per campaign.

Phrasee AI-Powered Copywriting Overview

  • Phrasee Email – AI-powered copy optimization that gets you more opens, clicks, and conversions. Integrations include Salesforce, MovableInk, Sailthru, Acoustic, and Adobe.
  • Phrasee Push – uses AI to generate you better push messages than humans.
  • Phrasee Social – uses AI to get better messages for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, all at the click of a button.
  • Phrasee Everywhere – use AI to improve web copy, display ads, paid search campaigns, or anything else in between.

AI-Powered Email Subject Line Use Case

In 2016, eBay embraced AI technology and hired Phrasee to power its email subject lines and then push notifications to its more than 101 million email subscribers worldwide. As a result, Phrasee has completely transformed eBay’s marketing performance and the way it speaks to customers online. eBay has seen:

  • A 15.8% average open rate uplift
  • A 31.2% average click rate uplift

By optimizing both the language in the subject line and the headline copy within the email, the compound effect is a staggering 42.3% uplift in click rate

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