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We’ve been fans of Pingdom for quite some time. It’s a dead-simple tool to monitor your sites, web applications and APIs to ensure that they’re up and running. We monitor Martech Zone, DK New Media and CircuPress with the service. While working with one client, we implemented it at, we made a specific API call that responded with a difficult query so that we could monitor response times of the application from across the globe.

The platform has expanded considerably and Pingdom continues to add monitoring servers in more geographic locations as well as more helpful features and functionality. One feature is their Real-time User Monitoring (RUM) that provides actual insight into the time and behavior of visitors on your site. Here’s an overview of the service – which is available on all Pingdom accounts.

For monitoring teams, Pingdom is testing a new feature called BeepManager. BeepManager allows teams to manage their schedules so that alerts are properly routed to the appropriate team member.

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    I like Pingdom and I respect what they do, but the price is not affordable for me and for my small business. That is why I have to look for something cheaper and not so expensive e.g.Anturis, which has the same monitoring qualities, but with less price.

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