How Users Interact with Pinterest

pinterest interaction

This week I was invited to be on a panel speaking to regional creatives (audio is here) in a meetup with Pattern Magazine. Perhaps more than any other group, creatives have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of visual social mediums like Vine, Instagram or Pinterest.

This visual guide details how users are interacting with pins, boards, other users and brands on Pinterest. From Wishpond

Early statistics on Pinterest spoke about the rapid adoption by crafters, artists and fashionistas. However, when we started our Marketing Infographic board, we were and are amazed at the great traffic we continue to get. Pinterest is a powerful visual platform because it’s so simple to page through hundreds of visuals until one catches your eye.

Pinterest User Interaction Infographic

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    I would like to start off mentioning that I am a sucker for info-graphics so, of course I would read this!
    I love Pintrest and as a female, college student I spend quite a bit of time “pinning”. As a public relations and advertising student, I can’t help but be curious about the role of Pintrest in affecting consumer behavior. I think that sites such as Pintrest are a brilliant way to get free advertising! I think that the future will be many more creative ways to sneak advertising and publicity into peoples lives, revolving around social media.

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