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While many people don't like popups, most visitors realize that the cost of free advice and content on a website may just be a simple popup asking you to subscribe. In the past, the code required to develop and design a popup wasn't that difficult, but factoring in the ability to test each design made it a much more difficult implementation. Pippity is looking to solve this with a unique popup plugin that offers a ton of customization.

Built in Popup and Popup Bar Design Directory

  • Create your first popup in 5 minutes
  • Choose from 12 designs (+6 popup bars)
  • Easily customize images, fonts, colors and overlay to craft the perfect popup for your site
  • See your popup in real-time as you edit
  • Quickly add product images
  • Easily add bulleted lists

Settings to Tune the Perfect Reader Experience

  • Have popup trigger only at the end of an article, once the reader has vibed with your content
  • Have popup appear after a certain number of pageviews
  • Have popup appear only on article pages
  • Opens and closes instantly so readers aren't driven away
  • Create multiple popup profiles – easily view and manage them from an easy to use dashboard

Analytics and A/B Testing

Pippity Popup Analytics

  • Analytics built right in that track every popup, exposing the truth about their performance
  • Track conversion rate to see which popups get the most subscribers
  • Track how long a popup is open to see if readers are giving it the time of day
  • Track how long a visitor stays on your site afterwards to see if you're driving away readers
  • Clone and edit an existing popup in 2 clicks
  • Activate 2 popups at once to have them compete
  • Easily compare popup performance with overlayed charts

Pippity is set to work with Aweber, InfusionSoft, Madmimi, MailChimp, Constant Contact, 1ShoppingCart, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Graphic Mail and iContact currently. Disclosure: That's our affiliate link on there!


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