Piqora: Rich Analytics for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr


Piqora (previously Pinfluencer) is a marketing and analytics platform for visual, interest-based networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Their suite incorporates engagement, hashtag, conversion and revenue metrics. Piqora works with many well-known retailers, brands, and publishers to identify and connect with influential brand advocates, gain actionable insights into trending images, and measure key engagement metrics to quantify brand engagement on these visual networks.

Piqora’s image recognition-based algorithms enable marketers to track trending images, hashtags, followers and influential users on the visual networks such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Marketers can easily grasp an overview of overall interactions, images and audience tastes and at the same time can drill down into a particular network and see detailed reports on topics, hashtags, users and images.

People are using hashtags to categorize content and to participate in conversations happening online. With Piqora, marketers have the ability to discover hashtags and identify consumers across all three visual networks, who have explicitly mentioned a brand or related themes for additional targeted marketing campaigns. Through Piqora, brand marketers can monitor one or many hashtags and discover relevant brand images and links posted by users around the globe.

Piqora serves the following visual platforms:

  • Pinterest – Identify trending pins, engagement, potential reach, reach, ROI, revenue per pin, visits per pin, follower growth, reblogs, likes and repin rate. Compare your pins, repins, followers, virality, and activity with that of your competition and engage with their most influential pinners. Customize, deploy, and track contests, sweepstakes, and promotions.
  • Tumblr – Identify popular images and influencers who are discussing your brand. Track your trending images and the audience that is engaging with your site content. Identify who is reblogging, liking, and commenting on your posts and engage with influential users.
  • Instagram – Track your brand’s profiles on Instagram. Identify top photos, videos, hashtags and followers. Discover which photos are trending and see your brand’s overall reach and virality. Target Instagram users who are driving likes and engagement with your photos. Compare your metrics, trending photos, and audience data with your competitors. Analyze their top content and influential users.

Piqora also has a comprehensive Social CRM tool for Tumblr and Instagram that analyzes social conversations and empowers you to identify and act on purchase intent.

Visual Networks are big and growing. Pinterest is the 3rd largest e-commerce centric social network with over 10 Billion pins , drives strong purchase intent traffic with a Revenue/Visitor of $1.47 and average order value of $169. Instagram on the other hand is a mobile centric photo and hashtag based social network that has 130+ million active users, 16+ billion photos uploaded and 1+ billion likes as of June 2013. Tumblr, a heavy image based micro blogging network is the largest interest-based network with 225+ million global uniques, 118+ million blogs, 59+ Billion posts and 80+ million posts daily (as of June 2013).

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