Piwik: Open Source Web Analytics

piwik pro

Piwik is an open analytics platform currently used by individuals, companies and governments all over the world. With Piwik, your data will always be yours. Piwik offers a robust set of features including standard statistics reports: top keywords and search engines, websites, top page URLs, page titles, user countries, providers, operating system, browser marketshare, screen resolution, desktop VS mobile, engagement (time on site, pages per visit, repeated visits), top campaigns, custom variables, top entry/exit pages, downloaded files, and many more, classified into four main analytics report categories – Visitors, Actions, Referrers, Goals/e-Commerce (30+ reports).

Piwik also offers professional services and a hosted solution called Piwik Pro where your instance of Piwik is hosted and managed in the cloud. Here’s an affiliate coupon for 30% OFF a 6-month subscription for all Piwik Cloud plans.

Piwik Web Analytics Features

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