Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better Social Strategy.

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Mind the spelling error and the fact that a fat guy was ordering Pizza Hut on a late night… and read this carefully. After I couldn’t seem to get the Pizza Hut application to work on my iPhone, I went back and looked at the reviews.


I was startled to see so many 1-star reviews claiming the same issues that I found… the app just didn’t work and kept crashing. Doesn’t Pizza Hut realize how many people are utilizing mobile and how many people they’re frustrating that are simply moving to the competition?


So, I downloaded the Papa John’s iPhone App and minutes later my pizza was on the way. Then I started to take a look at the two Twitter streams.

Pizza Hut on Twitter


Papa John’s on Twitter


So… Pizza Hut is just posting sales tweet after sales tweet and not actually taking action on any customer service issues. I can’t tell you how many companies we consult with that say things like, “Oh, we’re just going to use Twitter for Marketing.” and we warn them that the customer doesn’t care what your intent is when they’re frustrated and have a problem with your service.

Customers don’t care that your Twitter account is just being used to push pizza sales… they want someone to take care of their problem. It’s obvious that Pizza Hut hasn’t a clue – and it’s disappointing that a company so large is ignoring the opportunity to serve its customers better. That response above cost them a $50 order. 1 Tweet = $50.

Papa John’s, on the other hand, has a Twitter stream full of retweets, responses, and conversations with its audience. It’s clear that they’re not looking at social media, not just as a marketing channel, but a way to engage and respond to their customers.

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better Social Strategy. Papa John’s.


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    It’s hard to believe that a big company like Pizza Hut wouldn’t spend the time to sift through their complaints and address some of these issues. Maybe they think they can afford it? Maybe they think responding is a liability? Either way, it’s hard to deny the positive impact of Social-intensive strategies for companies like Papa-John’s. Maybe Yum! Brands could put some of Taco Bell’s creative Social Media Marketers on it?

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    This is the fun part of social media, where every misstep that a company makes spreads like wildfire in the online world. Not only that, being unresponsive to what the market is saying not only shows poor planning, but outright disregard to the needs of their customers. Kudos to Papa John’s, while Pizza Hut just lost another customer.

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      Quite honestly, I don’t always trust reviews. It’s a well known competitive strategy to bombard with bad reviews… I like to test for myself. As well, I never imagined that a company like Pizza Hut would have such a crappy iPhone application!

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