Fascinating Insight on How Location-Based Intelligence is Helping Automobile Marketing


A few years ago, I attended training at the recommendation of my friend Doug Theis on networking. Doug is the best networker I know so I knew attending would pay off… and it did. What I learned was that many people make the mistake of putting a value on the direct connection, rather than the indirect connection. For example, I could go out and try to meet every marketing technology company to see if they needed my help, or I could spend time networking with people like investors, attorneys and accountants who worked with marketing technology companies and understood when they could use our help.

That valuable lesson extends to marketing. Too many people focus on who owns the eyeballs rather than understanding deeper the relationships and behaviors of our prospect and what their environment looks like. PlaceIQ appears to be doing just that – aligning consumer’s mobile location behavior with the brands they’re aligned with and the purchase decisions they’re making.

At PlaceIQ, we believe that where you go and where you’ve been, define who you are and what you do. With the proliferation of location-enabled devices, technology has now allowed us to understand the consumer journey and define, create, and target unique consumer segments.

PlaceIQ just released its Fall 2014 PIQonomics Report. The findings show that cars say a lot more about today’s consumers than people think. The report digs deep into the tastes and preferences of different car-owning demographics and offers valuable information for auto marketers looking to better target their campaigns:

  • Luxury car and SUV owners are more likely to be Asian
  • Alternative fuel car drivers are more likely to have higher education levels and enjoy the outdoors
  • European dealership visitors are more likely to be Hispanic and Asian
  • While European brand owners tend to be Caucasian
  • Hyundai owners are 4x more likely to visit DQ, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts

This is an incredible opportunity for brands to align across industries to market and share their customer-base. You might not be surprised to notice a Lexus invitation the next time you sit down at the Cheesecake Factory… or vice versa! That reminds me… Pumpkin Cheesecake is on its way!

Auto Industry and Restaurant Location Intelligence


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    I love the work that PlaceIQ does, but REALLY, you talk about valuable information like: luxury car and SUV owners are more likely to be Asian, and alternative fuel car drivers are more likely to have higher education levels and enjoy the outdoors…..

    Do you really think that any car marketer would find this “valuable information.”?

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      Those factors alone? No… but combined profiles to help understand, message and target audiences has been proven since the early days of database marketing to increase conversion rates.


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