PlaceIt: Awesome Screenshot App, Ridiculous Pricing


We were looking to get a nice photo of our email on an iPhone in a picturesque setting. When I happened across PlaceIt, I was incredibly impressed. The web application has a wide range of images that are easily filtered, and it's just a couple of clicks to upload your screenshot and resize it. The app takes it from there and properly adjusts the angle and lighting to put the screenshot seamlessly into the photo.


It was all well and good until I clicked Download to purchase the image. The licensing costs are ridiculous… basically requiring that I purchase a single, high-resolution image for $85 since any large site – defined at over 1,000 visitors a month – requires their extended commercial license. Seriously… a thousand views a month is a large site? Clicking on any of the monthly plans provides only a standard commercial license (only 1,000 visitors per month).

Quite honestly, I'd be better off hiring a professional photographer and have a photo shoot for a few hundred bucks where I can get a few dozen shots that are all mine and can be used anywhere at anytime. Until then, I've downloaded an image from our sponsor, Depositphotos… and added our screenshot onto it for under $5 with unlimited usage!


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    Hi Douglas,

    CEO of placeit here… For bloggers – you can use the free license without any limits at all. You’re not looking at the right license for your use case.

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      Thanks @navidash:disqus. I wasn’t referring to use for bloggers, I was referring to commercial use. Still less expensive for me to have an entire photoshoot with a professional photographer.

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