Playnomics: Mobile App Acquisition Value Predictor (AVP)

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Selling your mobile application is a high-volume, low-value strategy so acquiring leads and ensuring those leads convert, stay on, and upsell as customers. In a multi-channel marketing environment, it’s critical to understand where you’re getting the best quality return on investment. That’s not measured simply by a cost-per-click – the lifetime value of the mobile customer must also be understood.

Customer lifetime value (CLV or CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or user lifetime value (LTV) is a prediction of the profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer for the duration of the relationship they have with your brand, product or service.

Marketing managers can forecast the customer lifetime value and return on investment within days of acquisition on campaigns with the Playnomic’s Acquisition Value Predictor with a 75% accuracy. Acquisition Value Predictor allows marketers to identify channels offering the greatest return on investment. Marketers can then reallocate advertising spend to top-performing channels and campaigns in real time for maximum ROI.


Results from the AVP closed beta show that the 5% of users predicted to be most valuable by the AVP tool, accounted for more than 75% of all revenue in the first 45 days. Starting today all developers are open to join the open beta for early access to AVP.

Accurately forecasting mobile, in-app user behavior is the most valuable insight a marketer can have at their disposal. Early results show our AVP tool predicts the lifetime value of installs with over 75% accuracy by marketing channel, either paid, referral or organic sources. It’s a huge leap forward in optimizing campaign spend and attribution for user acquisition managers. Chethan Ramachandran, CEO of Playnomics


Without predictive metrics, calculating ROI and payback days by acquisition source and marketing campaign can require months of data collection across a wide variety of sources. With AVP, it’s now possible to remove the uncertainty marketers face in finding the highest value customers by enabling more accurate forecasting instead of buying on a cost-only basis. The Acquisition Value Predictor utilizes Playnomics’ advanced machine learning stack that continually collects, analyzes, and scores user behaviors with greater predictive accuracy, even in rapidly changing digital environments.

MobileAppTracking, an attribution analytics platform that works with clients like Supercell, EA, Square, and Kayak, recently partnered with Playnomics to offer the Acquisition Value Predictor to their clients.

MobileAppTracking provides app marketers a single SDK for unbiased attribution. By integrating with AVP, our clients can predict the lifetime value of their advertising partners and channels, effectively showing early signs of which sources will most likely be ROI positive. Access to predictive trends like this are a game changer for app marketers who want to quickly adjust their campaigns for better performance. Peter Hamilton, CEO of HasOffers

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